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Professional Research Services contacted each licensed and active chiropractor within the state of Minnesota and asked each chiropractor in a nationwide online survey which chiropractors they would recommend, other than themselves, across Minnesota. Once the ballots were complete, each nominee was carefully screened and evaluated on the basis of the survey results, the legitimacy of their license, and their current standing with the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Inclusion in the listings cannot be purchased. It is solely the result of PRS’s research. Chiropractors who received the highest number of votes in chiropractic medicine are reflected in the Top Chiropractor list.

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Sports Injury

Get Back in the Game!

From youth sports to weekend warriors, injuries occur at all ages and at all levels of competition. As certified Sports Chiropractors, we are passionate about getting you back in the game as soon as possible and helping you take steps to stay in the game.

Sports Chiropractors impact recovery and performance through care that includes direct treatment of muscles, joints, and connective tissues that bring:

  • Faster injury evaluation or pain source
  • Sport specific treatment and preventative exercises
  • Athletic training guidance and treatment integration

Sports Chiropractors are leaders in the chiropractic profession in the way they get you back to playing the sport you love while helping you achieve PEAK performance through proactive and preventative care that promotes health and wellness for a life beyond sports. Visit our clinic to have your sports related injury evaluated  and let us help you get back in the game!    

Sports Treatment Tools & Techniques

Utilizing the right techniques and tools to heal your sports injury is the key to a quick recovery. A few of the techniques and tools we use are listed below.

Kinesiology Tape: It is an elastic and comfortable tape that allows a muscle or a joint to move through a full range of motion without compromising stability or impeding circulation. The brand of kinesiology tape we use is Rocktape. This tape improves your circulation and helps with your muscles to move and function in the proper way to improve mobility.

Active Release Technique (ART): ART is a soft tissue technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves. Some of the conditions that ART can help resolve include:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Shin splints
  • Shoulder pain
  • Sciatica
  • Plantar fasciitis

These conditions are often caused by overuse of the muscles and ART can provide quick and permanent solutions. Contact Back in Balance to schedule your appointment with one of our Sports Chiropractors.