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Professional Research Services contacted each licensed and active chiropractor within the state of Minnesota and asked each chiropractor in a nationwide online survey which chiropractors they would recommend, other than themselves, across Minnesota. Once the ballots were complete, each nominee was carefully screened and evaluated on the basis of the survey results, the legitimacy of their license, and their current standing with the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Inclusion in the listings cannot be purchased. It is solely the result of PRS’s research. Chiropractors who received the highest number of votes in chiropractic medicine are reflected in the Top Chiropractor list.

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We use the universal standard of acute assessment called the SCAT 3 to evaluate the severity of concussion symptoms. The SCAT 3 conducts:

  • Symptom evaluation
  • Cognitive assessment
  • Balance examination
  • Coordination examination

The resulting score of the evaluation will provide an idea of the seriousness of the concussion. We also work with NWHSU should the patient need ImPACT Testing. If the concussion needs addition medical evaluation, we will refer you to a neurologist.

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